Nature Detective Week

Poo Tracking!

Part of Nature Detective Week

One way to track the animals in your area is to look out for poo… yes! Poo!

Whilst we were out looking for tracks, we also spotted some poo!

Do you think this is deer poop of rabbit poop? We could not decide - have a look at the video below and see if you can work it out.

Naturalist John Rhyder explains how to track scat (as animal poo is called) and how it can change through the year! What kind of poo do you think you could find in winter?

Animal Tracking from Scat

You may even be able to work out what an animal has been eating by what you can see in their poo. If a badger has had lots of seeds and berries, you will often see the seeds in the poo for example!

Remember: Not to touch any poo as it holds bacteria and smells pretty bad. Wash your hands if you do!

Now that you’ve had a look at some examples see if you can find and identify the scat in your area! What can you find? If you can wake up early and take a walk just before sunrise, and you might be able to see the animals, too!

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