Medieval Mechanics

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Date 28 August 2019

From the basic bow and arrow through to gunpowder, a family show showcasing Medieval Mechanics has been launched in Dundee.

The 20 minute, interactive show, running regularly throughout the day from Monday 2 September through to Friday 31 January 2020, will highlight a range of equipment and military technologies dating back to the Middle Ages (5th - 15th Century), how they worked and who used them.??

Packed with demos requiring willing volunteers, the show will take visitors on a journey of Medieval weapons through the ages, from the longbow and bed of nails to catapults and trebuchets, ultimately progressing to cannons and gunpowder nearer the end of the Middle Ages.

??Matt Williamson, Public Programme Developer, Dundee Science Centre said, "Today we think of Medieval times as being simple and primitive but, in reality, there were actually some very careful and sophisticated designs involved during what was a period of some pretty major technological advances.?We are inviting visitors to take a step back in time, and find out how people protected themselves, and their buildings throughout one of the most volatile periods of history!"

??Medieval Mechanics is included as part of normal admission. For more information, email or telephone (01382) 228800.

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