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Nature Notebook

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To get the holiday activities started we would like you to make a nature notebook to use with some of the other activities we have planned for you all.

We are sure it will come in handy when you are out and about.

Once you have made your notebook have a read of How To Watch Wildlife (The Scottish Wildlife Trust) about how to be a nature detective and become really good at observing the plants and wildlife around you.

We would love you to bring your notebooks to the science centre once we are open again to show us what you found throughout the next few weeks.

Did you make a bug hotel last month? If so have you seen any little creepy crawlies heading in and out? if you did take some quiet time around the hotel and see what is living there. Record your findings and maybe draw the bugs or take a photograph.

Throughout the holiday weeks here are some of the other things we hope you will have fun doing.

  1. Go rock pooling and record your findings.
  2. Gather wildflowers and press them to make pictures.
  3. Make a hedgehog house for the autumn when the hedgehogs hibernate.
  4. Weave a garland with leaves and flowers - very handy if it is your Mum or your Granny's birthday soon.
  5. Collect flower seeds and give them as gifts.
  6. Use your nature notebook throughout the summer to record the bugs, flowers and leaves you find.

Here is a slightly different nature notebook to make with the Natural History Museum.

Hoverfly (Credits The Scottish Wildlife Trust)
How To Watch Wildlife (The Scottish Wildlife Trust)
Nature Notebook Activity Worksheet
Nature Notebook Activity Worksheet (PDF)

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