Medical Marvels


Be immersed in the fascinating world of medical technology where you can trace the development of technologies in medicine over time. Our Medical Marvel exhibition features some of the medical and surgical artefacts and tools from University of Dundee’s medical history museum and Ninewells Hospital.


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Further Information

Enter a medical theatre where you can explore modern technology and compare the differences with traditional surgery. Discover the incredible story of keyhole surgery in Dundee, then journey through to our anatomy table where you can get beneath the skin to explore the human body and have a look at the different layers in your body. Take a look at your veins up close in a near-infrared imaging system and more! Explore the human body in this exhibition and learn more about the development of medical innovation through hands-on fun!

Virtual Tour

Dundee Science Centre is currently closed to the public but you can virtually tour our Medical Marvels exhibition from home for the time being! Join us for a look inside our exhibit, and visit us later.

Medical Marvels Boy