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Make Your Own Blood!

Part of Body Bits Week

Warning - today is going to get messy!

Make Your Own Blood!

When you cut yourself the blood is quite clearly bright red even although we know it starts as plasma - so let's make our version of blood with the different components we have heard about - this is the messy bit so you had better check with an adult that you can do this.

You will need a few things from the baking cupboard, or you might need to ask to have them added to the shopping list for when your family has the once a week trip to the shops. It's against the lockdown rules to pop out for extras so you might have to wait till the weekend to make your blood. Check the worksheet for what you need. How long after you add your "red blood cells" did the plasma turn red?

Did you know... that blood flows around your body at about 5 litres a minute? So it takes about 20 seconds to circulate the entire body! Count to 20 and imagine the blood running through your veins and organs - it's quite fast!

Now you have made your blood why not send us a photograph.

Send Your Photograph

Can you name the part of your blood from the image below?

Make Your Own Blood Worksheet Cover Worksheet (PDF)

Make Your Own Blood Sample


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