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Make Space For The Pollinators

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Now is the time for getting the garden ready for summer planting. Are your family making plans for the months ahead?

Beds need to be turned over and tidied and seeds need to be planted so maybe have a think about what could be grown in the garden that would attract some of our lovely pollinators.

Perhaps you could get involved in the planning for the garden this year and suggest some seeds and plants to support the bees.

Lavender is very popular with bees and makes the garden smell lovely.

You may already have some crocus flowers in your garden now and if you watch closely you may see some pollinators.

Marjoram looks really pretty and is another flower that bees enjoy visiting.

Pussy Willow trees will often attract queen bumblebees as they move to a new colony.

Check out the seeds in your local shop - what about the wildflower mix this will be most attractive for the insects and hopefully bring them into your garden!


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