Medieval Machines

Date: Mon 2 Sep 2019 - Sun 8 Dec 2019Time: 10:00am
- 5:00pm
Venue: Dundee Science Centre

The medieval period was one of great creativity and development. Many of the basic technologies which underpinned the renaissance and later the industrial revolution were first developed, while at the same time innovations from Roman times were rediscovered and refined. With this exhibition you can explore these technologies first-hand and get an insight into the roots of modern technology and the inventiveness of our ancestors.

Medieval Machines consists of fifteen stand-alone hands-on exhibits and includes graphic panels. Visitors will gain a better understanding of history by exploring medieval innovations and seeing how these would have affected peoples lives in the period and after, making its suitability extend to history-based museums and historic buildings.

Some of our hands-on exhibits include:

Trip Hammer           

Users turn a wheel to rotate a drum with cams mounted on it. These push down the end of a beam then release it, raising and lowering a hammer which pounds on a small anvil.

Water Wheel

Users control the flow of water from a "millpond" onto an undershot waterwheel by means of a sluicegate.


Users can move a fan to change wind direction and rotate a post mill to optimise its position in relation to the wind.

Siege Engine         

Users can build a castle wall out of wooden blocks, then attack it with a small siege engine firing "rocks" to see if they can demolish it.