The Ladybird

Part of Flight Week

The ladybird, like most beetles, have two sets of wings.

The front wings are called the Elytra. They don't move when a ladybird is flying. Then they have the long hind wings which unfold when a ladybird flies.

The wings flap quickly from front to back, at a speed of 85 times every second.

When the ladybird lands, the wings fold neatly back underneath the elytra.

Watch the video to see how it happens in slow motion!

How Ladybirds Fold Their Wings
Fun Activity: Why not try to see if you can spot moths at night. Ask your parents for a sheet and hang it on the washing line. Wait for it to get dark then shine a torch on the sheet and watch the moths fly towards the light. Can you see their wings and how big they are compared to their body?
Ladybird Taking Off - Can you spot their wings?
Ladybird In Hand
Look what we found in our garden at home!

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