How Do Planes and Rockets Fly?

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Laws of Motion

Sir Isaac Newton, who we read about in Space week, proposed three laws of motion in 1665. These Laws of Motion help to explain how a planes flies.

  1. If an object is not moving, it will not start moving by itself. If an object is moving, it will not stop or change direction unless something pushes it.
  2. Objects will move farther and faster when they are pushed harder.
  3. When an object is pushed in one direction, there is always a resistance of the same size in the opposite direction.

Remember from Space Week we watched a video of astronauts on the International Space Station demonstrating these laws (see Newton Laws of Motion).

How Do Planes Fly?

Watch this video to see how planes fly.

How Do Plans Fly?

How Do Rockets Fly?

But how do rockets fly? Watch our videos and find out!

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