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Winter Fun - Frozen Bubbles!

Part of Winter and Conservation

It was very cold and frosty recent, although it is warmer this week it will be cold again soon.

When the frost and snow does come back, why not have a go at making frozen bubbles.

This seems like a simple activity, but you need to have lots and lots of patience.

You may have some bubble mix in the house somewhere - most supermarkets have it in stock - or you could make your own.

You need:

  • 500ml of water
  • 60ml of washing up liquid
  • 30ml of glycerin

Mix it all together and then use a straw or a pipe cleaner or a bit of wire to make a bubble wand.

Watch this video on how to make frozen bubbles.

How To Freeze Soap Bubbles


Check out our attempts - we discovered that:

  • it needs to be a really still day - no wind
  • The outside temperature needs to be below zero
  • We tried on various surfaces but the best was on a frozen bucket of water and a wooden surface that had snow and ice on it.
  • Early morning was best before the sun comes up (although the one taken in the afternoon sun was very pretty!
  • You will need to blow a lot of bubbles before you get a few to stay on the surface and freeze
  • The bubble will probably slowly deflate rather than burst once it starts to freeze.

Send us your bubble photos or even just a lovely winter photo to enter our competition.

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