Flight - An Introduction

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Today whichever part of the world you would like to visit you can usually get on an aeroplane and off you go - but imagine a time when that was not possible and it would take weeks to travel to places like Australia by boat.

Imagine being the first person to look up and watch a bird flying through the sky and thinking - “Why can't I do that?”

Many people tried all sorts of wonderful ways of flying - by attaching homemade wings and jumping off bridges. These had very limited success!

Early Attempts At Flight

To be successful, there was quite a lot of science required to calculate how to defy gravity.

You can read more about the history of manned flight from Leonardo da Vinci's flying machines of 500+ years ago to the modern-day.

Leonardo da Vinci - Flying Machine
Leonardo da Vinci
500+ year old flying machine design
British Airways Concorde (By Eduard Marmet)
Drones - A modern day flying machine!

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