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Bats Wings

Part of Flight Week

Bats throughout the world come in all different sizes, but we are going to look at bats that live in the UK.

Have you ever seen a bat flying around your neighbourhood?

Bats found in the UK are mostly very small with a wingspan of around 20 cm which is less than a sparrow. The Noctule has a wingspan of up to 50 cm which is our largest bat. You will find Noctules flying low over water catching insects.

Plecotus Auritus
Plecotus Auritus
Nyctalus Noctula
Nyctalus Noctula

Did You Know? - Pipistrelle bats are our most common and are very small but they are great for eating midges and other insects - up to 3,000 in one night , we found out about midges in mini beast week - they bite us and make us itch so eat up little bats!

Bats wings are made of skin muscle and bone and are connected by their fingers and thumb - their fingers are very long in comparison to their body size. Look at your hand spread open and imagine there being skin connecting all your fingers together - of course your fingers would have to be very very long to make then into wings!

Activity: See if you can work out Your Bat Wingspan with the Bat Conservation Worksheet!

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