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Water Power

Part of Earth Week

The power of H2O!

We get a lot of rain in Scotland - A LOT! So how do we make the most of this resource that falls straight out of the clouds and into our laps?

Today we are going to find out how to get energy from the movement of water - Hydropower.

Being able to harness this energy is a very ancient skill. Converting the energy from flowing water into electricity is a renewable source because the water cycle is constantly renewed by the sun.

In the past farmers used hydropower for mechanical work to grind grains, much the same as the windmills.

Some Hydro Power Powerful Facts:

  • Hydropower is a renewable source of energy.
  • Hydro turbines can convert 90% of available energy into electrify - this means they are very good at their job!
  • Small hydro turbines provide energy for about 200 homes, and these are becoming popular for some communities in Scotland.
  • Just under half of the renewable energy in the UK is provided by hydropower.
  • Most of the hydroelectric power stations in the UK are in the Scottish hills and mountains.

Make Your Own Water Turbine

The best way to see how the movement energy from water is changed into mechanical energy is to see it in action, so today we are going to make our own water turbine and use the hydropower to lift a weight.

We have created a Make Your Own Water Turbine Worksheet (PDF) as well as this handy slideshow (below) to help you work through the instructions.

Remember to let us see your water turbine in action!

Make Your Own Water Turbine
Make Your Own water turbine

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