Endangered Species in Scotland

Part of Earth Week

Unfortunately some of Scotland’s varied wildlife has been highlighted as endangered primarily as a ?result of human impact - destruction of habitat, pollution, hunting and fishing.

These endangered species include;
  • wildcat
  • red squirrel
  • water vole
  • eurasian beaver
  • mountain hare
  • pine marten
  • puffin
  • otter
  • red deer
  • capercaillie
  • bottlenose dolphin
  • Scottish honey bee

Today you are going to do some research about one of these endangered species and design a poster with the information you have learned. Our Threatened Species in Scotland Worksheet will guide you to the information you need to find.

Take a photo of your poster and send it in to show us what interested facts you have found!

One of our threatened species is the Scottish Honey Bee, this is a worry because we NEED bees!
These tiny little workers are important because they help pollinate flowers, which helps us grow our healthy fruit and vegetables.

This YouTube clip (below) from Blooms for Bees gives us some information about the Bees in the UK.

Bees in the UK

Scottish Bees are in decline and we can all do our bit to encourage them to settle in our gardens and parks and ensure that they are able to play their part in the ecosystem which we know is so important as they are pollinators and are essential in food production.

Insect hotels can be quite elaborate affairs and you can now buy them in garden centres and large shops.

This one has a slot for butterflies to rest and feel safe and lots of spaces for bees and wee insects.

Have fun Making Your Own Bee or Insect Hotel, we're looking forward to seeing what you have been up to - keep the photos coming in!

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