Early Explorers@Home

We've been missing putting on our Early Explorers programme for 3-5 year olds in the centre and so we're really excited to share with you our Early Explorers@Home videos which are tailored all for the little ones.

Join us for a new video every Wednesday at 9am, perfect for 3-5 year olds to learn through StoryTime Sessions, messy play, and hands-on activities from the comfort of your home.

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How did you get on with your Marble Run?

Have a go at creating your own and send us a picture or video of how you got on, to be entered into our Dundee Science Festival (DSF) competition and win six free tickets to visit the centre.

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Heath Robinson Contraption | Dundee Science Centre

Marble Run

How did you get on with the catapult tinkering last week?

For today’s Early Explorers we have been making a marble run by reusing some cardboard toilet paper tubes. You can make your run really long or quite tall!

Have a go and see how you get on!’

YouTube Video Marble Run - Early Years - Dundee Science Centre

Make Your Own Catapult

Discover how you can make your own catapults at home using things you can find around your house! We've tried out a simple one using cup, spoon and rubber band, but there are so many different variations you can try - what can you make? Take a picture and show us how you got on!

Make Your Own Catapult | Early Years | Dundee Science Centre

Early Years Coding

Coding is writing out instructions for a computer to do a specific task. Try your hand at coding without a computer or screen with this board game!

You will need to draw out a grid and find some toys to be your player, some obstacles, and an end prize.

For younger children use less squares and move your play pieces one at a time. For older children create a larger grid with more obstacles and have them write out the entire code before moving the player piece.

Screen-Free Coding Game | Early Years | Dundee Science Centre

AstroTots In Space!

Settle in AstroTots and fly off into space with us in your rockets!

Enjoy a storytime with the author and illustrator of ‘Rocket Says Look Up’, Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola.

Ready to be an astronaut? Make your own rocket to look up at, print off our activity sheet and follow the instructions, we’d love to see how you get on making your rockets.

Salt Dough Fossils

Welcome back! Today we are going to talking about Salt Dough Fossils.

Salt Dough Fossils
Dinosaur Department Store read by Richard Merritt

Animals and Their Babies

Welcome back Early Explorers!

Today we’re going to have a little look at animals, where you find them and what animal babies are called.

Did you know that a baby rabbit is called a kit (short for kitten!) not bunny?

Have a little read of our animal e-book and print off our matching game to match the baby animal with their big animals.

Remember: Do not print off double-sided! Why not write the correct names on the cards once you match them up?

Shaving Foam Planets

Welcome back to Early Explorers@Home!

Today we’ll be doing an interactive activity sheet (PDF) for our wee ones to discover what planets look like and for them to create their very own!

The littlest ones may need an adult to help out. Follow along with our video and activity sheet.

Don’t forget to take a picture and show us your very own planets - we’d love to see how you all get on!

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Early Explorers@Home: Shaving Foam Planets?
Shaving Foam Plant
Shaving Foam Plant

What's Inside Your Body?

Explore 'What's Inside Your Body?' with the help from our friend, Stuffee, and explore how the different organs in our body works!

Find out what makes the liver a superhero and learn the difference between the small and large intestine.

Early Explorers@Home: What's Inside Our Body?