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Dundee Science Centre 20 Years Anniversary

Part of Summer Holiday Programme

During July we are celebrating our 20th birthday having had over 1 million visitors to the centre!

We've hosted lots of travelling exhibitions from creepy crawlies to dinosaurs, celebrated YOUR birthday with our children's birthday parties and we've hosted lots of different events from Festival take over days to school events. There have been lots of great exhibits along the way from the gyroscope to the giant head which children still play in, to this day.

We've recently seen our upstairs exhibition transformed into Medical Marvels showcasing Dundee's medical history and we can't wait to see what the next few years bring with the redevelopment of our downstairs exhibition now! From being the only building in the Greenmarket to now one of many there has been a lot of positive change and although we can not have you in the centre to celebrate with us, we are looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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