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Reaching Out To Dundee's Children

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Date 1 July 2020

Dundee Science Centre is celebrating its 20th birthday by reaching out to some of the city’s most deserving children.

Having launched a Home Learning Digital Programme at the start of the COVID 19 lockdown, Dundee Science Centre is now creating and developing content for Science@Home kits, which will be delivered to families over the next 10 weeks. With initial funding secured for around 350 children, the boxes provide the same practical, hands-on activities as the online programme, but without the need for digital resources such as broadband or devices. The boxes will be packed and delivered with support from The Gate Church, Dundee.

The project was suggested by Lynne Short, Spokesperson for Fairness and Equalities for Dundee City Council and Board Member of Dundee Science Centre who saw an opportunity to engage an even larger audience in science fun learning.

In week one, children receive their Science Starter kit, with the basic science equipment required for experiments and activities. They then receive a themed weekly box on topics ranging from Minibeasts and Creepy Crawlies to Body Bits and Forensics.

With fundraising ongoing, 100 boxes will be funded by Dundee Science Centre’s CONNECT Community Engagement fund and another 100 by The Gate Church Wellbeing fund. Funding has also been provided by Dundee City Council Education Department, University of Dundee Life Sciences department and Dundee Bairns.

Lorraine Lemon, Head of Business and Operations, Dundee Science Centre said,

“We’ve been delighted by the response to our online Home Learning Programme, but we’re also acutely aware that not every house has access to the internet, devices or the bits and pieces of kit they might require to take part. Now more than ever, there shouldn’t be any barriers to science learning so we decided to drill down into these activities and bring them directly to the homes of children who might otherwise have missed out. These weekly boxes, delivered to their door, will give children and their families a real boost, a focus and some fun while keeping up some science learning in the process. The project is also a fitting way to help us mark our milestone birthday and to give something back to the communities who have supported us during these 20 years.”

Lynne Short added,

“I’m absolutely delighted to see the first of these science kits en route to some of Dundee’s most deserving families. Science is everywhere, from our homes and gardens to what we eat and how we play, so it should be inclusive and accessible for all. These kits are guaranteed to bring some fun to local bairns, sparking imaginations and new ideas in the process, even more important with the holidays approaching. Yes, food and shelter are the basic priorities but mental health and wellbeing are also of paramount importance – bairns are bairns and all have the basic right to play, learn and have fun. We can’t wait to see and hear what they make of their kits and hope they bring lots of joy.”

For more information, contact Carlene Cura, Development and Fundraising Advisor, Dundee Science Centre - or 01382 868610.

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Dundee Science Centre Science@Home Kit
Science@Home Kit
Dundee Science Centre Science@Home Kit
Science@Home Kit