Destination Space!

Period: 3-9 August 2020

Did you have fun during our Space Week back in May? Since then, we have seen the exciting SpaceX launch and celebrated 20 years of the International Space Station!

We’re exploring more about the UK in space in this week’s activities!

Destination Space



Destination Space Show!

Amanda will be taking us through a little bit about the space industry in the UK, robots in space and the missions to explore life on Mars with our Destination Space show today. Discover more about space exploration in the future and how you can one day get involved too.

Destination Space Show
Did You Know: The ISS has the longest continuous human presence in space? There have been 19 years and 275 days since all of Earth’s humans have been on Earth.

Want to see what the satellites around Earth looks like?

Satellites Map

Visit and see the 19,312 recorded satellites look like around the Earth in space!


We’ve had a look at the ExoMars 2022 mission on Tuesday which will land the Rosalind Franklin rover on Mars to discover more about the Red Planet by drilling down and collecting samples underneath the surface. You can read more online at,

Did you know that you can explore what the surface of Mars looks like from home?

Why not discover more about our neighbour with Google Mars:

Mars Exploration - Google Mars
Challenge : Build your own rocket to get to Mars using different things you can find at home! Send us your pictures!

Send Photographs

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