Continental Crust

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Let's take a look at the rock type that makes up the continental crust - this is the land area where we walk every day and where our buildings stand.

It is made up mostly of solid rock like granite and then on top of this is what’s called sedimentary rock - this is actually made up of bits of material that have been pressed together over many years such as dead animals and plants.

We would like you to have a look when out on your daily walk - hopefully we will be out more than once soon - and have a look at some stones and rocks and see if you can identify any.

If you have a garden then ask if you can dig a hole - not where the plants are - and see what you can find

Think about Palaeontologists and archaeologists - they dig in the soil looking for fossils and bones and interesting artefacts that have been buried underground for many hundreds of years.

If you use Minecraft you can download 3D Geological Models and have a look at how our country is made up.

Interesting Fact: Do you know how Giants Causeway was formed - do some research and see what you can find out - watch this video which gives a few versions of how it all came about!
Giant's Causeway - National Geographic

Now have a look at some of these rocks and minerals and see how many you know.

That's all for today but tomorrow we have lots of exciting activities for you...

See you tomorrow!

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3D Geological Models in Minecraft
Minecraft 3D Geological Models

Colouring Map Of UK and Ireland
Colouring Map Of UK and Ireland (PDF)

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