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CONNECT Project Update

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Date 16 December 2020

CONNECT is our redevelopment project to update the ground floor of our centre, bringing in brand new exhibits and making the centre more accessible to all. Much more, CONNECT is an ethos which we'll take forward in our development and programming.

In March, our centre doors closed to our visitors leaving only a small core team to continue to progress the CONNECT project whilst working hard to secure the future of Dundee Science Centre itself. We had to change the way interacted with our visitors by going digital with an online home learning programme as well as developing our Science@Home kits which were distributed to our local community.

We are extremely proud to continue being a community resource, and collaborating with partners around the city during the COVID-19 pandemic. Collaboration and community are extremely important to our CONNECT project and since the start of the project we have collaborated with a range of partners to set up advisory boards to help us in the creation of our new facilities and exhibits.

As we near the end of 2020, we are delighted to see so many of the new exhibits and spaces come together. Construction started in the summer and we were able to unveil our new reception, seating area and Cafe Create to our visitors when we re-opened in November. We were also able to open our We Are Inventing zone to visitors which replaced the iconic Giant Head! This space allows our visitors to bring their inventions to life, engineer a plumbing system on the magnetic wall and test our their paper planes with our wind vortex machine.

Find more about our project update here: CONNECT Project Update December 2020

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Hoberman Spheres Seating Area
New Hoberman Spheres Seating Area
Reception Area New
New Reception Area
We Are Inventing Plumbing Wall
We Are Inventing Plumbing Wall