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What Does Science Mean To You?

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Date 26 January 2021

If you had the chance to visit us in November and December, you might have seen our new coffee shop area. Our new Café Create is an open and interactive area for our visitors which we have designed with help from our Assisted Needs Panel. We wanted to make this area into another exhibition, transforming our coffee shop into a place for people to socialise, relax, and engage with science.

It is important for us to create a space that is shaped by and for our community. One of the exhibits we have co-created with the community is our Matching Game Bench. A whole year ago, back in January 2020, we asked for your help to design us a picture of What Does Science Mean To You?

Science means different things to different people and it was great to see all the different pictures. We have turned these illustrations to create this interactive game and we are thrilled to have the pictures displayed in our centre.

You can now play a Matching Pairs Memory Game next time you visit the centre. Explore the are other benches in this space and we still need your help to create some of our boards. Help us fill up our Periodic Table and draw us a picture that represents an element when you're next in the centre!

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Cafe Create Boards at Dundee Science Centre
Cafe Create Boards
Cafe Create Periodic Table at Dundee Science Centre
Cafe Create Periodic Table
Matching Game Bench at Dundee Science Centre
Matching Game Bench