The Science Learning Institute

The Science Learning Institute

The Science Learning Institute (SLI) was launched by Mike Russell, the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, in 2010. He described Dundee Science Centre and the SLI as the ‘future of science centres’, while acknowledging that the Institute fulfilled the demand for an adult science learning facility for the North East community.

Through the SLI, Dundee Science Centre brings together the services and expertise of the science centre, University of Dundee, Dundee & Angus College, Abertay University and others, providing professional development opportunities for over 1000 students, teachers, scientists and community educators.

The SLI offers learning opportunities as well as supportive programmes of mentoring for science learners.

This major capital project will create a larger and more professional and inspiring environment, enabling the SLI to support even more children, young people, adults and professional learners in our region – bridging the gap between the formal and informal learning sectors.

In Scotland the informal learning sector is becoming increasingly valued as a support to those professionals in the formal sector. Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence focuses on exposure to interdisciplinary learning, professional learning for teachers and contextualised science – all of which underpin the SLI.

The new learning and informal drop-in zones will offer a home for this interdisciplinary learning and a place in which knowledge transfer can take place. Collaboration between the partners of the Institute will be further enhanced, providing a permanent home for the partners working on new programmes/resources and allowing for new partnerships to form.


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