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Build Your Own RRS Discovery!

Part of Antarctica Discovery Week

We hope you have enjoyed this week and have found out lots of exciting facts about Antarctica.

What did you think of the water bears?

Which penguin were you closest to in height? Not the fairy penguins for sure!

Discovery Day was exciting - we are looking forward to it opening up again and being able to visit.

Did you watch the video where the seaplane was being winched onto Discovery all those years ago - we were quite nervous when we watched - the pilot was lucky not to have landed in that freezing seawater.

After all that hard work researching and taking notes, today we are going to have some fun building our very own Discovery!

Check out the worksheet then head to the recycle box and see what you can find.

Make a plan first, then get busy and do not forget to send us photos of your fantastic model.

Upload Your Own Discovery Photographs!

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