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Friday's Food Technology Experiments

Part of Body Bits Week

How did you get on yesterday? Are you ready for your next set of experiments? How about making some Ice Cream...

Ice Cream In A Bag Activity Worksheet
Ice Cream Worksheet (PDF)

Yum its Friday and time for a treat if you have worked hard at your school work - homemade ice cream and a movie tonight!
Density Rainbow Activity Worksheet
Rainbow Worksheet (PDF)

You need to have a really steady hand for this one - practice practice and see if you can master pouring the liquid slowly on the back of a spoon.
Cabbage Juice Activity Worksheet
Cabbage Worksheet (PDF)

We love this indicator experiment but you do need a red cabbage - if you cant get one with the weekly shop - save it for another day as you will have fun finding out about acids and alkalis!

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