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Part of Body Bits Week

For the next 2 days you are going to be a scientist so you will need to get yourself organised!

When working in a real laboratory doing research or testing it is important that you have all the correct protective equipment such as goggles and gloves and a lab coat.

The correct equipment must be readily available for each of the tests or experiments being carried out, as quite often they are time sensitive and there is not time to go searching in the cupboard for a beaker or test tube.

Choose which of the activities you are going to try first and gather all the bits and pieces you need.

Clear a space in the kitchen or a table outside if you can and lay everything out that you need.

Read through the instructions carefully and let everyone in the house know you are concentrating on your experiments and would prefer not to be disturbed!

Note: We are giving you the next 2 days activities together just incase you need to add some items to the weekly shopping list.

Now let's get started!

This page is part of the Body Bits Week information.

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