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Bones In Your Body

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Everyone is born with 300 bones, but some of them fuse together until you are an adult to reduce to 206.

Your bones are strong enough to support your weight but light enough to allow you to move around. They protect your internal organs which are quite delicate - and they store minerals such as calcium.

Bones In Your Ear!

Did you know that the smallest bone in your body is in your ear? It is called the Stapes and is in the middle ear and is shaped like a stirrup. (from a horse saddle).

There are 3 bones that make up the middle ear. The Malleus the Incus and the baby of the three the Stapes.

The Largest Bone In Your Body

Where do you think the largest bone in your body is?

Of course it is in your leg.

Your leg bones are the longest and the strongest bones in your body.

The weight of your upper body relies on them being really strong.

There are 4 bones in each leg.

There are three long bones:

  • Femur
  • Tibia
  • Fibula

and the kneecap which is called,

  • Patella

Skeletal System
How Many Bones Can You Name?

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