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Beavers are adorable and seem very busy all the time, and until recently they had not been seen in the UK for many hundreds of years when they were released in a controlled manner at Knapdale in Argyle on the West of Scotland in 2009.

Not everyone is happy about that though as some have moved near to farmland and are building their dams and homes - called lodges - and causing some flooding in farmers fields.

When they are left to live in an area with not so much agricultural land, they can provide all sorts of habitats for many other plants and animals. The work they do can be fantastic for biodiversity in an area.

Check out this link and find out more about beavers.

Beavers are living on the River Tay - not very far from where we live! Not everyone is happy about it though, and The Courier has been following our local beavers - have you read this?

Listen to Dr Law telling us about the impact of the reintroduction of the beavers in an area of Scotland.

Beavers Video with Dr Law

Did you know that beavers can chew through huge trees and fell them for their dams and lodges?

Think about how much wood would be required to stop even a slow-moving river.

When you are out for your walk why not gather some sticks and take them home and then build a dam in your garden.

You will need to create a slight slope for your stream. Then build your dam at the end and pour the water down and see what happens! It is quite hard to build a strong dam!

So what happens when humans build dams and what are they for? They are not for keeping snacks underwater like the beavers!

Check out a man-made dam used to generate electricity by using the flowing water to spin a turbine. We made turbines of our own during summer home learning!

Find out more here!

How much wood do you think the wee beavers need to stop the water flowing so fast? The woodpile is not just a dam they are using it as a sort of cold food store to keep the small tasty branches to eat during winter.

And once lockdown is over why not go on a Beaver Safari - we at DSC are all going!

Draw a picture of a beaver, but first you will need to find out about what their tails are made of and what shape their feet are. Do you think they have thick fur or thin? What about their teeth - could you bite through a tree and use it to build a dam. How strong must they be to be able to move some of the logs!

Do lots of research before you start your drawing!

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