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Beastie Drive

Part of Minibeasts and Creepy Crawlies Week

Today it's time for some fun for all the family with a Beastie Drive!

For this game you need a dice - if you haven't got one, don't worry you can print out this Make Your Own Dice Template and make your own. You can also print out the Beastie Drive Worksheet, but don't worry if you can't - all you need is some paper to draw your Beasties on!


  • Start with the youngest player - roll the dice. You can't start drawing until you roll a 6 and have a body. Take turns around the table.
  • You can't draw eyes or antennae until you roll a 5 and have a head.
  • The first person to complete the beastie drawing shouts "BEASTIE" and scores a maximum or 14 points (1 point for each of the 14 body parts). Everyone else counts up their score, 1 point for each body part drawn.
    • 1 Body
    • 1 Head
    • 2 Eyes
    • 2 Antennae
    • 2 Wings
    • 6 Legs
  • The overall winner is the person with the highest score after all the games.
  • Be creative! Your beastie needs to have all 14 body parts, but you can make your beastie as pretty, or scary, or funny as you like!

We're looking forward to seeing photo's of you playing your Beastie Drive and seeing some photo's of your fun Beastie art!

Make your own dice
Beastie Drive Print Out

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