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Beach Fun!

Part of Summer Holiday Programme

Welcome to a week of beach fun!

Everyone loves a visit to the beach - but rather than just going for a walk we would like you to have a good look around and perhaps find out about what is happening when the tide goes out!

Looking in the rock pools is both interesting and exciting!

The Wildlife Trusts provided help on Where To See Rockpool Wildlife.

Now learn more by watching this video.

We would like you to use your nature journal that you made last week and draw or photograph what you see.

You may be lucky enough to spot a sea anemone - they are the most amazing sea creatures and can often be seen in rock pools due to their bright colours.

Or maybe a star fish - they are exciting to find. What do you know about star fish?

At Dundee Science Centre we really love sea weed - do you know how many different kinds of sea weed there are?

When you are at the beach and the tide is out we would like you to see how many different ones you can spot!

Fun Activity: Look at the photos on the Rock Pooling Activity Worksheet - we found them all. Please take photos or draw what you have found and add it to your nature notebook. Remember we want to see them all at the end of the summer.

We will also have a prize for the best sea weed photo or drawing.

Enter Your Photographs

You can learn more about marine habitats on the Scottish Natural Heritage web site,

This page is part of the Summer Holiday Programme information.

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