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So not many people and definitely no native-born - but what about the wildlife population.

With temperatures this low what do you think can live there and what can grow for them to eat.

Wildlife that lives or spends some of the time in Antarctica have special adaptations to ensure they can stay warm in these extreme cold conditions. Some have a layer of blubber which acts as insulation and they have small flippers and feet to help too.

We all know there are penguins in fact 5 different species of penguins can be found here - but what else can live somewhere so cold!

Activity: Watch our drawing tutorials and have a go at drawing a penguin - there is one for seals too - send us your drawings - you can make them as fun and as interesting as you like!
How To Draw A Penguin
How To Draw A Seal

There are 6 different species of seals - some very dangerous - and of course whales. Do some research and see what you can find out about seals and whales.

Krill are little shrimp type creatures that live in the water and are a valuable source of food for the native animals.

There are also some birds such as the Cape Pigeon and the Albatross.

All these animals and birds can be found in Antarctica at various times of the year but in fact, you would need a microscope to be able to see the creatures that live there all year round.

Activity: Have a go at making our pop up penguins with the help of the activity sheet.
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