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Antarctica Wildlife - How Do You Measure Up?

Part of Antarctica Discovery Week

There are many beautiful animals that live in Antarctica. Have a look at the National Geographic Antarctic Animals Photograph Library and see how many you can recognise.

Activity: Have a look at the chart showing the height of the penguins and then ask someone to measure your height - which one are you closest to?
Penguim Height Chart

Do you have a brother or sister you can measure? Which penguin do they match with?

We have had a look the difference in height between all the most common penguins but what about the smallest species of penguin - did you know they are found on the coast of Australia and New Zealand.

These fantastic little penguins are so small (only 30 cm tall) and live in little burrows when they are not out at sea hunting for fish.

Watch the video to learn more about these lovely creatures!

Penguin Parade Philip Island

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