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Did you read about the plate tectonics in Planet Earth Week? Do you remember how the continents have shifted apart due to underground volcanoes and earthquakes?

How do you think this has affected Antarctica? Do you think it has always been covered in thick ice?

Scientists have found evidence that about 34 million years ago it was ice-free!

One of the first people to uncover evidence of this was the explorer Robert Falcon Scott - our friends at Discovery Point will tell us more about this tomorrow.

Fossils that have been found tell us that this continent used to be covered in rainforest and lush undergrowth. And of course, dinosaurs!

Check out the link about Sea Monsters and see what you can find out about the fossils discovered there that tell us about some of the creatures that used to live in Antarctica.

Now, use this information, and if you have time, watch the BBC Deep Oceans video to research everything about strange and interesting creatures living there now and when it was a rain forest! Quite a contrast!

BBC Deep Ocean: Giants of the Antarctica Deep
BBC Deep Ocean: Giants of the Antarctica Deep
Activity: Now design a monster or dinosaur of your own! Make it as scary or as friendly as you like and send us your creations!

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