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Don't Forget The Birds

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Remember it is still Winter so don't forget to keep looking after the little birds in the garden and parks. It is very, very cold and not much growing for them to eat. Also little birds get used to being fed by us so it is important to keep filling the feeders if you can or put out kitchen scraps such as bits of apples and chopped up toast crusts.

Nesting time is almost upon us, and we were thinking about how to help make sure the birds can make cosy nests for their eggs and little chicks when they hatch.

The dog groomers, like the hairdressers, are closed at the moment, and one of our dogs Poppy was in need of a trim. So out with the scissors and Poppy is feeling much better - although her ears are a little uneven - but we have a pile of dog hair clippings left

Do you think the hair will make a lovely cosy lining for the nests?

We gathered them into piles and clipped them into clothes pegs and then hung them on the washing line ready for the birds to help themselves when they start nesting!.. You could do the same thing if you are having your hair trimmed at home or you could check your hairbrush for loose hair.

Poppy Dog
Poppy Dog

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