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Egg Painting

Part of Eggsperiments Week

Today is all about combining hard boiled eggs with beautiful creations and COMPETITION ALERT!

We would like you to decorate a hard boiled egg - do not forget to hard boil your egg and let it cool or things could get quite messy!

You can make a great job with felt tip pens when decorating your egg or go and have a search around the house for bits of coloured paper - left over birthday wrapping perhaps or cotton wool and ribbon. You will be surprised what your mum might have at the bottom of the kitchen drawer.

Let your imagination go wild and then take a photo and enter the competition for the best decorated egg.

Ask your family for ideas for decorating or even arrange a competition with your friends for the best decorated egg - maybe go with a theme you are all interested in such as Minecraft or Lego.

If you have any eggs left over why not have an egg and spoon race with your family - make an obstacle course in the hallway or in the garden!

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