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Part of Minibeasts and Creepy Crawlies Week

Now we are going to look a little closer at one of these types of arthropods, the Arachnids.

Watch our video about the Goliath Bird-eating Spider.

Goliath Bird-Eating Spider

It's difficult to get a close view of the fangs in our video, so take a closer look at Goliath Bird-eating Spider Fangs.

Use the information in the videos to answer the Spider Anatomy Worksheet (PDF) - remember you don't have to print it out, you can draw your own!

You can then check your answers, Spider Anatomy Worksheet (Answers) (PDF).

Want to see how a Goliath Bird-eating Spider behaves in the wild? Watch this short clip with Steve Backnell from YouTube.

Goliath Bird-eating Spider

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