Date: Mon 1 Jul 2019 - Fri 30 Aug 2019Time: 10:00am
- 5:00pm
Venue: Dundee Science Centre

We are planning a journey to the ‘Red Planet’ and we need your help to get there!

Have you ever met a Martian? Well, maybe not – but you might some day! Come along to “Mars Odyssey” and learn all about the great, red planet – and how we might get people there some day. Learn about the dangers you would face on your journey to Mars; the challenges we would have to overcome to live on the surface of the planet; and answer the age-old question: could you really grow potatoes on Mars?

Mars Odyssey is a family-friendly, interactive show performed regularly by our team of Science Communicators throughout the day.

Please note: Spaces for our Mars Odyssey show are limited so to avoid any disappointment please arrive early.