Wellcome Image Awards 2017

Date: Thu 16 Mar 2017 - Sun 20 Aug 2017Time: 10:00am
- 5:00pm
Venue: Dundee Science Centre

Explore a world of science often hidden to the naked eye in this year's Wellcome Image Awards.

Communicating scientific innovation for 20 years, the awards this year feature a 3D-printed model of the brain pathway responsible for human language, a promising new cancer therapy involving a synthetic mesh, an artificial clip-in ocular lens used for cataract treatment, and Chrysalis, an all-female project at the University of St Andrews that highlights the intrigue, imagination and precision behind scientific research.

Dundee Science Centre is one of 15 centres worldwide to host the annual exhibition, which includes Aberdeen Science Centre, as well as venues in the USA, Russia and South Africa.