School & Nursery Visits


Visit us - Bring your class to Dundee Science Centre

Inspire your learners with a trip to Dundee Science Centre to engage with STEM in a different setting and support learning with our curriculum-linked activities. For a full list of available workshops, please select the curriculum level of your group from the tabs above!


What's included in a class visit?

Group visits for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools can last up to three hours and include a workshop, time for a packed lunch, and time to explore the exhibition. Our opening times are 10:00 – 17:00 unless otherwise stated. Admission costs £4 per pupil, with teachers and carers admitted free of charge. Lunch bags can be prepared, if required, at a cost of £3 per pupil. During class visits, pupils can also explore our gift shop with its fantastic range of science-themed products. Alternatively, goodie bags can be ordered at the time of booking, starting from £3.



The Scottish Government provides some travel subsidies for schools in areas high on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) or in rural areas. Dundee City Council provide funding to cover admission costs for a fixed number of pupils from each Dundee school. The Edina Trust also fund admissions for Fife, Angus and Perth & Kinross schools high on the SIMD. We are extremely grateful for this support which makes Dundee Science Centre accessible to a growing number of pupils each year.


Before your visit

All teachers are encouraged to come for a free familiarisation visit ahead of their school trip, to see what is available and plan their pupils’ learning. Please book in advance to qualify for free entry.


During your visit

Our team will welcome you and explain what to expect during your visit. Pupils are required to be supervised throughout the visit by a responsible adult.


After your visit

We really value your opinions, so every teacher is asked to return a feedback form, and please tweet any photos @DundeeSTEMLearn


Workshops and shows for learners at early level


Healthy Body Bits

With the help of our giant ragdoll Stuffee, we find out about our major organs and what they do.

HWB – Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing


Little Noises

Different games and activities - some noisy, some quiet - encourage all to think about what sound is and why it is important to us.

SCN 0-11a – Forces, electricity and waves


Little Stargazers

What can you see in the sky tonight? Your little stargazers learn about the night sky and enjoy star myth storytime.

SCN 0-06a – Planet earth


Workshops and shows for learners at first level

Destination Space! (First Level)

Learn all about living in space and Tim Peake's recent mission to the International Space Station.

SCN 1-07a – Forces, electricity and waves; SCN 1-15a – Materials


Exploring our Solar System

Learn about the Earth's place in our Solar System and find out what else is out there, highlighting the scale of the planets.

SCN 1-06a – Planet earth


How to make the Perfect Poo!

Learners guide a typical breakfast through the stages of the human digestive system. This hands-on activity is messy and memorable.

SCN 1-12a – Biological systems


Healthy Body Bits!

With the help of Stuffee – a giant ragdoll with removable organs – learners will explore our major organs, what they do and how to keep them healthy.

HWB – Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing; SCN 1-12a – Biological systems


How to be a scientist!

Learners get to be scientists, using their senses and observational skills to investigate some simple Chemistry experiments.

SCN 1-15a – Materials


Sounds like Fun!

What is sound, and how do we use it? Learners make a lot of noise in this introduction to the science of sound.

SCN 1-11a – Forces, electricity and waves; SCN 1-12b – Biological systems

Workshops and shows for learners at second level

Destination Space (Second Level)

Space travel is a risky business. Learn the science behind the dangers of space travel, and experiment with the engineering solutions that keep astronauts safe and healthy.

SCN 2-07a – Forces, electricity and waves; SCN 2-16a – Materials


Exploring our Solar System

Join us for a tour through the Solar System, highlighting the scale of the planets, and discussing current observations and explorations beyond the Earth.

SCN 2-06a – Planet earth


How to make the Perfect Poo!

Learners guide a typical breakfast through the various stages of the human digestive system. This hands-on activity is messy and memorable!

SCN 2-12a – Biological systems


Healthy Body Bits!

With the help of our giant ragdoll, Stuffee, and other exciting hands-on activities, learners explore body systems and how to keep them healthy. (Suitable for P4 and P5).

SCN 2-12a – Biological systems


Forensic Fingerprints!

This hands-on workshop will have learners trying out different Forensic Science techniques while inspecting their own fingerprints.

SCN 2-17a – Planet Earth; SCN 2-16a – Materials


Lights, Camera, Reaction! (Second Level)

This Chemistry demo-show delves into the spectacular science of ordinary and extraordinary chemical reactions!

SCN 2-15a, SCN 2-16b, SCN 2-19a – Materials


Rocketry Force

After an introduction to Rocket Science (which also challenges common misconceptions about gravity) learners will engineer and launch paper rockets to put their new knowledge to the test.

SCN 2-07a – Forces, electricity and waves


Sounds like Science!

Different demos show how sound travels, while learners discover how animals such as dolphins, moles and elephants use sound to their advantage

SCN 2-04a – Planet earth; SCN 2-11a – Forces, electricity and waves

Workshops and shows for learners at third, fourth, and senior phase levels

Beyond the Visible: Electromagnetic Spectrum

Investigate the properties and real-world uses of visible and invisible EM radiation. Learners explore Physics with practicals, including using an IR camera, UV fluorescent materials, lasers, and spectroscopes.

SCN 3-11b – Forces, electricity and waves



Learn about robots, programming and teamwork, by programming LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 rovers through various challenges.

TCH 3-01a, TCH 3-02a – Technological developments in society

How to book a visit to Dundee Science Centre

Once you have identified which session you would like to book, please call the office on 01382 868609. We are also happy to discuss the workshops and your needs in further detail. We will need the following information:


  • The name and level of the session you wish to book
  • A selection of dates which you would like to book for
  • An idea of your time of arrival and departure. We are open from 1000-1700 (unless otherwise stated) and a visit can last a maximum of three hours
  • The number of children and adults you wish bring
  • If you will require lunch space
  • If you would like to be invoiced or pay-on-day


Please note, we do not allow time or space for snacks. If you feel your learners will require a snack, please plan this into your day for prior to your arrival so it does not impact upon your visit.

Some schools qualify for assistance with transport costs; this is funded by the Scottish Government. We will check if your school qualifies at the time of booking, or you can call to check if you qualify whilst you are planning your trip. This scheme is only available whilst funds last.

Once you have booked, you will receive a confirmation letter from us. Please check that the details are correct. On arrival at the centre on the day of your visit, we request that a teacher comes in first to process paperwork and be briefed on the running of the day, and we will then invite the children in for a welcome. Timetables for your visit will be issued on arrival; we are not able to provide timings ahead of your arrival.

If you would like to book Goody Bags, please let us know how many of each you require at the time of booking. These can be invoiced with the costs of admission, or paid on the day with a separate cheque.