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girl in space suit reaching for globe of Mars - Click for larger version

Dundee Science Centre Takes Off On Mars Odyssey

Published: 3.57pm,

A brand new family show is taking off in Dundee to explain how we might get people to Mars one day, and how they would need to prepare!

Dundee Science Centre's Summer headline show ‘Mars Odyssey’ is preparing for its launch. Running from Monday 1 July until Sunday 1 September 2019. The 20 minute, interactive show focusing on the ‘Red Planet’ will wow visitors as they embark on a Summer holiday with a difference – into space!

Through lots of impressive, whizz-bang science experiments involving flames and eruptions, visitors will explore how the atmosphere on Mars is different to that on Earth, what the surface looks like, how they could get there and what the challenges of living there might be! A rocket launch will explain ‘Newton’s Third Law’, the science behind a rocket taking off, while an elephant toothpaste explosion will depict an eruption of the Olympus Mons which, as the largest volcano in the solar system, would cover the surface of the UK more than once over, and rise three times higher than Earth’s highest mountain, Mount Everest!

Paul Strachan, Exhibition and Community Engagement Manager said, “We’re going to take our visitors on an imaginary trip to Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun but, before we go, we need to make sure we’re organised with everything we need! We’ll explain the sort of things they’d need to take and what the challenges might be when they get there, from the extreme cold and lack of oxygen to the lack of power and food, using various experiments to explain the science in the most visual and fun way!”

(Image: The Courier)

For further information, please telephone 01382 228800

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