Professional Learning for 3-18 Practitioners

Professional Learning for 3 - 18 education practitioners

Our professional learning sessions and courses for staff in early years, primary and secondary settings are designed to help you develop your understanding of planning for relevant and challenging learning and teaching within Curriculum for Excellence. Our sessions are also helpful for STEM Ambassadors, and others working with children and young people in formal and informal learning settings.

Through joint programming, a wide range of learning sessions and courses are created and delivered by the Dundee Science Centre Science Learning Institute team, educationalists and researchers from the University of Dundee’s School of Education, Social Work and Community Education, SSERC, Earth Sciences Education Unit, GeoBus and the Mills Observatory, Dundee.

Our professional learning programme includes:

sessions which focus on learning and teaching on energy, technologies, space, human body, forensic science, food science, microbiology, mathematics and genetics; familiarisation with our ‘loan boxes’; classroom resources which you can borrow free of charge following attendance at our professional learning programme;

sessions which explore learning in science in the formal learning setting, including science inquiry;

sessions which focus on pedagogical approaches core to Curriculum for Excellence: science inquiry, interdisciplinary learning, facilitating discussion and debate on topical issues in sciences, technologies, engineering and mathematics (“STEM” subjects).

Throughout, our programme is planned to reflect thought-provoking and innovative practice in schools and other settings, and national guidance in sciences and STEM, including Education Scotland’s ‘Science 3-18 Curriculum Area Impact’ report and the ‘Assessing progress and achievement of levels in the broad general education in sciences’ professional learning resource. Our sessions for practitioners, children and young people, reflect educational research, including that carried out by the Science Learning Institute in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin.

We also offer bespoke professional learning associated with learning for a wide range of people including 3-18 practitioners, undergraduate and postgraduate students on an outreach basis. This costs from as little as £10 + VAT per delegate.

Our 2014-15 season of professional learning is now complete. the 2015-16 season will commence in September 2015. Check the website for updates.


How to Book

To book onto any of our sessions, first read our Terms and Conditions, then contact to book!

All delegates attending our learning sessions qualify for charitable funding or funding from Dundee City Council which covers the cost of the session.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the STEM Learning Team within 7 days of submitting the form.