The Medical Technology Exhibition

The Medical Technology Exhibition

The Institute for Medical Science and Technology (IMSaT) is our key partner in this project. IMSaT is Dundee based interdisciplinary institute for future medical technologies positioned at the interface of physics, engineering and clinical and life sciences.

The new medical technology exhibition will showcase and explore IMSaT’s world-leading research and development programme focussing on medical technology.

Minimal Access Surgery was pioneered in Dundee by the globally renowned Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri. This specialism has experienced a seismic shift in how surgeons around the world work, benefitting patients with shorter healing times and greatly reducing surgical scars. Professor Cuschieri is the Scientific Director at IMSaT and is still advancing the techniques of minimally invasive surgery today, and IMSaT researchers continue to break new ground in cutting-edge medical technology such as robots, bubbles, nanoparticles, ultrasound and lasers.

The pioneering work at IMSaT will be brought to life as visitors enter the upper gallery of the science centre and become immersed in the fascinating world of medical technology. Hands-on exhibits and demonstrations, with interactive activities for all ages to explore and enjoy, will open up a unique visitor experience.

The exhibition will also trace the development of technologies in medicine over time, telling a very human story about innovations in medical technology and their direct impacts on life and society.

Learners will journey through an immersive tunnel into the exhibition space, encountering fun, hands-on, interactive displays that showcase the latest research. The exhibition will also feature some of the medical and surgical artefacts and tools from University of Dundee’s medical history museum and Ninewells Hospital.

Monthly demonstrations, talks and discussions from the IMSaT team will allow visitors to hear directly all about the current research and latest developments in Dundee.

Finally, visitors will enter the medical theatre and witness keyhole surgery demonstrations. On-site, these demonstrations will involve realistic models of humans where visitors will be able to try mock surgery for themselves, using laparoscopic and endoscopic cameras and tools developed at IMSaT to experience minimal access surgery.


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