vision, mission and values

Vision, mission and values

Our vision

A culture of curiosity, confidence and engagement with science for the Tayside community.

Our mission

Dundee Science Centre’s mission is to be a community resource, which:

• provides a high quality, inspiring social venue for learning for the whole community
• contributes to the development of a culture of engagement with science, and promotes science as an aspect of local culture
• engages the wider community with Dundee’s science research community, raising local pride in local discovery
• raises the profile of Dundee as a city of science and scientific discovery
• supports the formal 3-18 curriculum
• is an efficient, responsible and trusted organisation

Our values

• we aim to inspire learners, and we act as learners ourselves, in everything we do
• we aim to inspire excitement about science and learning, and we are excited about our work
• we act ethically and as responsible citizens
• we are proud of Dundee and our region’s discoveries
• we aim to be a trusted resource for the community

All of our work is inspired and informed by these aims and values.